Mission Statement: “To positively impact people’s lives through the health and wellness of their pets.”

Frontier Vet Pet Resort provides superior quality and care for your pets and the utmost in service and convenience for you, the pet parent. We offer overnight suites for cats and dogs, doggie daycare, grooming, a la carte services, and more! Your pet will enjoy our two-story facility with all of our canine guests on the first floor and our feline guests on the second floor. Feline guests are completely separate to allow for a stress-free stay.

Our facility was designed for superior cleanliness and comfort with the latest in pet hotel technology. We provide crate/cage/run-free boarding and do all that we can to ensure that every pet in our care is happy and healthy.

All of our guests are just a few feet away from our fully staffed vet clinic just in case your pet needs checkups, vaccines, or medications. All of our pet resort personnel are fully trained on identifying sicknesses and addressing medical needs. Our veterinarians are on site and will walk through the facility multiple times a day to make sure your pet is healthy. 

Dog Boarding

Frontier Vet Pet Resort provides 26 standard canine rooms that are 5' x 7' and three Luxury rooms that are 7' x 10'. Multiple dogs, depending on size and need, can stay in one room if the owner desires. 


 Room Type              1st Dog     2nd Dog      3rd Dog

Standard per night    $29           $20              $15

Luxury per night        $35            $30              $23

Daycare per day         $17            $15                $15

Each room was built with your dog’s needs in mind.  All rooms are equipped with:

                 ·        Drains for quick and easy cleaning

                 ·        Tile walls with calming colors

                 ·        Enclosed completely for your pet’s safety and noise reduction

                 ·        Raised beds and food/water dishes 

                 ·        Central heat and a/c with individual air supply and return.  

  • Ozone air purification units throughout to maintain a healthy, odor, and disease free facility


Each pet will have supervised access to our open yard to play and take care of business as frequently as needed.  Our canine guests have full access to our splash pool (with owner approval), as well as our full-size play room where they will receive one on one time with our friendly staff.


Cat Boarding

Our cat boarding guests at Frontier Pet Resort enjoy a safe, secure and quiet cattery away from dogs in our uniquely painted facility. Lots of stimulating wall decorations and perching areas entertain cats during their stay. Our staff loves to spend time playing, providing exercise, and interacting with your cat.

We understand each feline guest is unique with it's own personality and interaction style. We’ve created stimulating activities to ensure each cat is happy and healthy during their stay with us.  Your cat will enjoy perching in it’s very own second floor window and seeing the outside world. Whether your cat loves to climb or just wants belly rubs to make it purr, we have purrfect options to make any cat meow.

There are 4 cat rooms available. Each room can house up to 8 cats. We never mix cats from separate households.


                                 Up to 3 cats             Additional Cat

Cat Room                $40/ room              $5/ cat



Polished Pooch

Includes: Bath, Brush, Blow dry, Ear cleansing, Nail Trim, Anal glands

1-20lbs = $39


Double Coated= $55


Pampered Pooch

Includes: Polished Pooch + Breed Specific Hair-Cut

1-20lbs = $45

21-60lbs = $55-65

Double Coated/ Large Breeds = $80-90



Fluffy Feline = $39

Includes: Bath, Blow dry, Brush, Nail Trim, Ear cleansing, Anal glands

Feeling Frisky Feline = minimum $65

Includes: Fluffy Feline + Shave hair

Add Ons

Teeth Brushing = $10

Nail Filing = $15

Express Groom = $15

Doggie Facials = $10

Mud Bath

·         Tammy can explain any of the add-ons as needed


De-matting = $15/ 30 minutes

Special Handling Fee = $10

·         Pets that take longer than a routine grooming due to specialized handling

o   Senior pets that cannot stand for long periods of time or may require frequent breaks

o   Aggressive animals

·         We feel all dogs should have access to grooming, but there is an additional charge

Special Shampoos = $3 - $5

Medicated, Hypoallergenic, Oatmeal, and Tree Tea


Pictures will be added as facility is finished.